My name is Pablo La Boca and amongst other things, I am the keeper of “The Forgotten Tale”.

“The Forgotten Tale” is the first in a collection of interrelated short stories, as shared to me by my Grandfather while hiking and camping along the trails of the San Gabriels in Southern California.  There, he came to entrust me with these particular tales and explicitly instructed me to only share them with one other individual, who was of pure heart.

Over the years, I have come to conclude that I am not worthy of judging anyones heart.  It is for that reason that I am sharing these tales with everyone.

I have arranged the chapters of “The Forgotten Tale” from top to bottom (not by posting date) for a couple of reasons.  First, to give the tale congruence and secondly to allow the order to serve as a testing of your heart.

If you can make it to the end, I truly hope you find a bit more of your heart in “The Giving”.

Please enjoy my first share, “The Forgotten Tale”.

I will always be yours in earnest,

Pablo La Boca

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