Simon Birdsong

“Mystical Shorts” is a collection of short stories showcasing a series of transcendental adventures I’ve had over the years with my rainy day friend, Simon Birdsong, a fictional character of dubious credential, who I now credit for everything relevant ever derived.

Our first story, “The Forgotten Tale”, was passed to Simon sixty years ago while high on a plateau above the San Gabriel Valley by his beloved, yet equally fictitious Grandfather, Martin Birdsong…….  After completing the share, Martin made it clear to Simon that he was allowed to pass it along only to ONE OTHER of PURE HEART.

Over these tested times, we’ve become quite certain that neither of us have the capacity to judge anyones heart and therefore have decided to offer this merged collection of recollections to anyone making or remaking acquaintance. 

With that said, should you opt to partake in this “literary experiment”… remember you’re always welcome here to join Simon and me in summoning up the great Santa Ana wind, to help lift us together onto our next plateau.  A guide for the intended order for reading has been provided at the “Roadmap” page on the banner above.


“And on it may go, as on we may go.” – Simon Birdsong April/2022


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